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Design and Writing for Mobile User Assistance

photos of Mobile PhonesThis webinar is designed for those who are very familiar with smartphones and tablets,  have a good understanding of the mobile market, and are familiar with the pros and cons of the various mobile platforms. This is a follow-up course to Introduction to Mobile User Assistance and a companion course to Understanding Platforms Issues for Mobile User Assistance.

Live Webinar • April 5 • 12:00pm-2:30pm Pacific time

A video recording of the event is included with your registration.
Smartphones have sparked a huge, new software segment – the mobile app. They have also changed how traditional desktop software is being designed and developed. This creates an important pair of questions for user assistance professionals: What is our role going forward in mobile and how can we prepare to take that on? User Assistance does have a role in supporting mobile apps. As the mobile market continues to expand, this is becoming the next frontier for user assistance professionals.

This two-hour presentation examines design and writing techniques specifically in the context of mobile user assistance. As the mobile market continues to expand, this is becoming the next frontier for user assistance professionals.

Topics covered include:

  • UA for First-time Users
  • UA Embedded in the User Interface
  • UA in a Dedicated Help Section
  • UA for Tablets
  • Writing for Small-screen Interfaces
  • The Language of Touch Gestures
  • Images and Videos

Joe Welinske, Instructor

cartoon of JoeJoe Welinske specializes in helping your software development effort through crafted communication. For over twenty-five years, Joe has been providing training, contracting, and consulting services in user assistance. Joe recently published the second edition of the book, Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps. He also teaches Content Authoring for Mobile Devices at Bellevue College and Mobile UA at the University of California Silicon Valley Extension.


The price is just $19.95 for the 2.5 hour session. There will be one five-minute break.

Registration includes PDF copies of slides and handouts. The workshop uses the GotoMeeting web-based service with VOIP and phone access. Joe will be using his video camera for demonstrations. There will be discussions and exercises and your active participation is encouraged.