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Does zig zag layout present difficulty for your reader?

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Zig zag layout is a great way to break up monotony in long blocks of text, but it is less predictable and can make readers stumble, especially if they are reading to “do.” In the following article, four different websites were used to collect data about eye tracking when reading.

Participants stumbled most when images contained lots of text (such as pictures of email messages) and were placed too close to the body text, causing competition.

In Western culture, because we read from left to right, our eyes naturally track to the left to prepare to read information. This is where your highest-priority information should be placed.

Your images should add informational value to enhance your text. Decorative images in a zig zag layout are hard to ignore but they can still be used to establish brand identity. Just keep them out of the way so that they don’t become stumbling blocks to your reader. Read more here.