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The February 2021 Program Was Exceptional

Posted in Events

By Paul Albertson

The conference hosted an impressive lineup of speakers. We saw live, online presentations from around the world including Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, and the U.S. I really enjoyed catching a glimpse of professional views on UX writing from across the globe.

John Moore Williams filled an unexpected, last-minute vacancy as a keynote speaker with, Speak Plain & to the Purpose—his talk on what plain language means, why it matters, and how it can help. He covered a lot of ground, from plain language’s basis in law to its applications in UX writing. I especially enjoyed an exchange during Q&A. Host Matthew Ellison—contemplating an interpretation of “plain” as drab or uninteresting—asked, “Can plain language be beautiful?” Williams flashed a smile and reassuringly answered, “I absolutely think so.”

The conference included a revised Deeper Dives segment. Speakers who presented on similar themes gathered on camera to discuss their topics in more detail and answer questions. Attendees got a chance to join the speakers on camera.

In his closing remarks, Joe Welinske said he plans to produce the online conference every four months–February, June, and October. Judging by the event chat log, attendee sentiment was a roaring, “Great; keep it going!”

After the conference, attendees will receive access to recordings of all presentations, speaker slides, transcripts, and chat logs.

The next online UX Writer Conference is June 8–9, 2021.