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simuSearch is a unique free WEB toolbox integrated in Microsoft Office

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This announcement was prepared SBS Labs.

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 18, 2012 – SBS Labs has today announced the release of its new free product, simuSearch.

simuSearch integrates popular WEB tools in Microsoft Office programs, bringing even greater convenience for Microsoft Office users. simuSearch supports for major Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

simuSearch creates proprietary ribbon tab providing the following features:

  • Search Google for selected text;
  • Search for Acronym spell outs using Google based Acronyms and Abbreviations search engine;
  • Selected text translation using Google Translate, Yahoo! Babel Fish or Bing translator.

simuSearch is a revolutionary tool bringing the WEB experience to Microsoft Office users.

About SBS Labs

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