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The Language of Touch – STC Session

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Joe Welinske will be talking about the language of touch in a presentation at the Phoenix STC Conference, Monday, May 19, 1:00p.
This session will include a lot of information from the upcoming second edition of Developing User Assistance for Mobile UA.

Topics will include:

  • Our new set of verbs for touch
  • Writing concise text while retaining meaning
  • How Simplified Technical and Plain English can be used
  • What to know about voice technology and other emerging interactions
  • Choosing a generic or custom language scheme
  • Explaining touch through visual representations

If you would like the slides for this presentation, contact Joe Welinske.

stc1  stc2stc3

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  1. David Waghalter
    David Waghalter

    Joe – will this cover what to do when you have a Web app that can be accessed from a desktop/laptop, tablet, and phone? One Helpset with generic language (“select” instead of “click” or “tap”)? Multiple websites that automatically redirect Help calls to a device/screensize-specific Helpset with customized language/terminology?



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